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Default Re: Any information would really help?

Hi Kayla1. It sounds like you are doing the right thing already by seeing a specialist. Are you seeing an orthopaedic surgeon or a scoliosis specialist? My daughter was 12 when we first discovered she had scoliosis. Our GP back then told us not to worry as her curve was so minor - unfortunately didn't reccomend that we go to a specialist and get their opinion. She had surgery 1 month ago today at the age of 15. I'm no medical specialist but they may suggest bracing for your daughter or just monitoring ie. watching her growth and taking xrays and monitoring any changes in the curve. Have a read of the posts on this site (in all categories). Most people have had surgery but some try other means eg Schroth method, physios etc. We tried physio, chiro and yoga but unfortunately didn't help our daughter. My advise would be speak to as many people as possible (particularly people that know what severe scoliosis is - not the people that say they have it but can't tell you the size of the degrees of their curve or have never seen a specialist. I only say this as we were told this by several people - but they don't realise that the curve can progress in some people unlike their own cases), read as much as possible and stay positive. This forum is excellent for talking to people who have gone/are going through the same ordeal as you and your daughter (& family) are at the moment. You are probably still in shock if you are like most of us when we first discover that our child has scoliosis. Write down questions to ask your specialist so you don't forget when you see him/her. Wishing you all the best for your daughter. Trace
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