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Default How to manage your scoliosis when surgery is impossible?

Hi there,

I am 27 and now my scoliosis is 85 degree. Its pretty bad huh. I have thought of having surgery, I have seen a very good surgeon in Adelaide but now I have to give up the idea. I can't afford the cost which is around 90,000 (the surgery and implant). I am an international student doing PhD (1st semester). I am on scholarship.

First, I thought saving money from scholarship gonna be enough, but since it is too expensive, May be it's best to give up.

My pain is not too bad actually, I could feel the comfortableness but at this stage I never need pain killer. I feel pain after a whole day sitting at uni doing my research and all I should do is going home and laying down. the pain will go the next morning.

My question is how to manage my pain, I mean how to avoid the pain getting worse or how to avoid the curve increase.

I would love to hear if anyone got ideas.
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