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Default Re: I need some advice and help


Normally all x-rays are given to the patient and it is recommended that you always keep them, no matter how old they are and how many new ones you get. I have a library of them now

When I had my last two x-ray sessions I asked for a disc to be made before I went into the radiology room and then I had to wait a little while after the x-rays were taken for the disc to be ready. I sent the discs to my specialist in Melbourne (I live in Hobart) and kept the films at home.

As Rosie said, keep phoning the specialist requesting an appointment confirmation. It is a frustrating wait, most of us have had to wait a few months for our appointment. But it is unusual that you don't even have a date for an appointment ... normally the specialists are very organised.

I do hope you get in soon. You sound like you are in an awful amount of pain considering the medication you are on! That is usually what they give us after surgery!!!

Sending a PM also...

Christine x
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