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Default Re: Countdown to surgery

Hi All,
Sorry it has been so long since I have been on, life is just too busy and I think we have finally started to catch up (would never recommend two major surgeries in the one family three weeks apart!)(Chris thanks for your kind thoughts, we do appreciate it, I will try to send you an email soon).
Dom once again has continued to amaze us with his great attitude and was off Endone by Christmas and with only some panadol in the following week, once he turns the corner he really keeps going up. I have to say though that I thought we could cope with anything after the spinal surgery but would never wish this second surgery on anyone!
Thankfully a much quicker physical recovery time and he got back to tennis about 3 1/2 months after this one. We were both so happy, he said it felt good to do something "normal" again. It has been hard starting at a new much bigger school for Yr11, both physically and mentally but by the end of this term he has settled in quite well and starting to enjoy - though not the extra study load!
After much discussion and heartache he agreed to get a built up shoe this year (1.8cm leg difference). Others found it hard to understand his reluctance but to him this was a much more visible and long term thing than the spinal surgery. His spine was fixed this is something he has to cope with forever! My heart ached for him as I "got it", but all done and forgotten about now.
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