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Default my update nearly 4 weeks post op

Hi all
I was asking questions on this forum a few weeks ago RE: surgery. If anyone is interested I thought I would let you know my progress. I had surgery on the 7th Feb this year, T6 to sacrum. I was in hospital 10 days then home. I get frustrated at home not been able to do everything and dropping everything but I forget I am not even 4 weeks post op yet and I am managing most things (at a snails pace instead of flat out). I have come of the pain meds due to nausea and constipation and plus narcotics and I dont get on. So I can drive and I am trying to do most things safely protecting my back. Sleep at night is a bit of an issue as I still feel around the pelvic girdle that I have been beaten with baseball bats. I have only just managed to sleep for a short period on my side which is a relief for my poor old back. I am straight, taller, leaner but slower. I am a very very inpatient person so this surgery is a real hurdle for me. I am glad I am on the other side of surgery now. I have no hump or havent had any of my previous back pain as now the curves are gone so is the pain they were causing. I had the best surgeon I reckon in Australia. I look forward to been able to do all what I used to do. I can shave almost all my legs except the lower half mid calf down but I have made an extension for my razor, hate hairy legs. I keep looking at my toes wishing I could give my feet some care but that will come. I am trying to stay positive as I always want things done yesterday. I must say I have been through menopause but with the surgery all my hot flushes have returned, drat. I am sure they will go once all medications have finially gone from my body. I am using a few heat packs and a bit of panadol or though in saying that living in QLD this time of year using heat packs is not much fun lol. Well at least I only have to wear minimal clothing which is a plus as clothing rubs on the sore bits. It is worth going through the surgery so I encourgae anyone who is thinking about it and suffering daily in their functioning with pain to seriously contemplate it as it is only a short few months out of your life that you have to put up with the post op pain and problems, although really I havent had any. By the way I am nearly 48 years old so us oldies can do it nearly as well as the young ones, thats if you dont abuse alchol and smoking then the story may be different. The less drugs the better and a healthy diet and exercise is what the body needs. Anyway I will keep plodding (I say plodding but others say zooming around) of luck everyone with surgery.
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