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Smile Re: Countdown to surgery

Dear Annette and Dom

Oh boy, my heart sinks to read your posts on getting through that surgery. Such difficult, emotionally exhausting times.

And 2 hourly meds on timers - whew that must be so stressful for you.

So fantastic that Dom has such a good attitude - I am sure the maturity they develop in facing these decisions and difficult situations will stand them in good stead to achieve well in adult life. I guess you and Dom are just like Dane and me now - very close with a special mutual respect for each other that no money could buy and words can't express the feelings we share hey?

Annette - you have been such a tower of strength for me and all the others on the forum. I hope you and Dom have a fabulous year in 2012.

All the best

Lots of love
Chris & Dane

Originally Posted by Dom's mum View Post
Post surgery update...What an experience, great pre admission clinic. Hell time getting canulas and epidurals in (my beautiful boy didn't let me down and did all his fainting again!) three hours wait and then calmly in to theatre. His attitude amazed me once again. Anxious wait but only two hours this time - what a breeze compared to the spinal surgery wait!
A great result, surgeon said they had to do more work on his right side and they put two bars in his chest. Three days in ICU, epidural not working properly and difficulty breathing deeply enough because of that. Great care by the doctors and nurses there, then down to the ward for five days. What a shock that always is after the great care in ICU! Had a few disagreements about his treatment and pain management but we got there. Boy you have to be tough for your kids sometime. Like before hard getting Dom on his feet - a shower at last on day six then home day eight courtesy of Endone and sheer determination.
Been a bit of a shock since we got home, the kid who had only four panadol when we got home from the spinal surgery has had a medication regime of the alarm going off two hourly with a combination of Endone, Panadol, Nurofen, anti nausea wafers and two laxatives! Like having a new born again. Great attitude still and is now able to get himself out of bed and shower (with all the chest fractures he couldn't put any weight on his arms). Now we are working on getting him off the Endone in the next couple of days. He is great but looks a bit fragile so working on feeding him well and strengthening him again.
Looking forward then to a happy, healthy, surgery free 2012. Best wishes to all for a lovely Christmas and good 2012.
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