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Smile Lauren's home from hospital

HI Everyone,
Lauren came home from hospital after a her 8 day stay in hospital. I would say that her operation was a success, with no nasty complications arising.
Her recovery in hospital was slow and frustrating, but she remained quite strong throughout the whole ordeal. I ended up staying with her in the hospital as there was just so many things she needed help with. I was so glad that I could be there for her.
We are finding that she isn't as 'bed ridden' as anticipated, with her being able to sit up at the table for tea and at the tv/computer for short lengths of time.
Night time is the worst with the pain, as she gets very stiff and sore. Each night she wakes up every 3-4 hours needing more pain relief. She is getting fed up with that. (and I would like a good 8 hour sleep I must admit)
Lauren was so pleased to be able to see and talk to Gabby while she was in hospital. The girls could relate to what the other was going through, which I am sure comforted Lauren a great deal.
Lauren says that even after all she went through in hospital, if she had the choice again, she would still go through the surgery. This is good to know.
We'll keep you all updated on her progress.
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