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Default Re: Countdown to surgery

Hi All,
A quick update. Dom is doing great and loving being back at sport (even the dancing as he realized you do that with girls!). His friends are still being great - his dance partner tripped him over the other day and the whole class stopped in horror and the poor girl cried. How amazing that they still care. I cried his first day back at tennis (and took photos, what an embarassing mother) it was just so good to see him doing something he so enjoyed pre op, both physically and socially. He had to give a talk in english the other week about something you feel strongly about so he chose "taking things for granted, making the most of life", I think he got a few sympathy marks there!
I think he is still a bit run down and hasn't put any weight back on so I started giving him iron tablets until he discovered they were my "Womens' Mix". Totally horrified, I think he thought he was going to grow breasts! He now has his own tablets and we have increased the number of BBQs etc. I suggested a blood test to check levels, but once again the boy who is bravely signing up for surgery again turned white and nearly fainted at the thought.
So we head to Sydney again this Wednesday 28th to see the cardio thoracic surgeon for and ECG and to have his chest measured and the bars bent. This will be a bit confrontational as he will see it all this time. He isn't talking much, I always find that two hour car drive home a good time to catch up. All should go ahead then on the1st December.
His older brother has had his genetics appointment and it was inconclusive. Next step is hip x-rays and an MRI. The consensus seems to be that they have a "connective tissue disorder, as yet unnamed". Bit of a curse but on the positive side at least we know to keep getting them checked and they can stay as healthy as possible. Will be working until I am 80 to keep that private health insurance! Geneticist was pleased to know we are following up with his scoliosis!?
All good. Keeping up with activities until the surgery and Dom will have a week after his school certificate and graduation to enjoy just doing... Being a boy he is pleased that at least after this surgery he will set off airport alarms!

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