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Default Re: Info re surgery & beyond

I always think if it's scary for a mature-aged patient, what must it be like for the teens and their parents. I think being the parent of a teen having to face this surgery, must be the most difficult thing.

Sorry I only just saw your post here today.

Judy, I was sent home on a lot of drugs. I was on Oxycontin 20 mg twice a day, Endone every four hours, and Panadol to take with the meds. Apparently the Panadol helps the meds to work in a slightly different way, or that's what I was told. So I did not feel a lot of pain! I was quite sleepy and slept a lot, it was just heavenly actually, after living a very busy life and never really having a holiday. I enjoyed those early weeks, no responsibility, drowsy and plenty of time to sleep.

But back to the drugs. First, I cut out the Endones, bit by bit, stretching out the dose-times to 6 hours then 8. At that stage, all was well. No pain. Then when I was only taking the Oxycontin twice a day, I started stretching out the dose-times again. I also got my GP to give me scripts for oxycontin 15 mg., 10 mg. and 5mg. This is how I got off the meds. But I have to say I became dependent on the oxycontin and for two weeks experienced withdrawals - tummy cramps, diahorrea (spelling?), dizziness and depression. At this point I felt I was never going to get off them. But I persevered with my plan and although the dizziness lingered for 7 weeks, I was drug-free by about 7-8 weeks, if my memory serves me correctly.

Few become dependent, so don't concern yourself too much, but it's important still, to withdraw from the Oxy very slowly. I still consider the withdrawals the worst part of the surgery.
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