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Default Re: Countdown to surgery

Thanks Christine for your kind words. Glad I sound optimistic to someone, it is a challenge at times! But they are great and we appreciate them, know a lot worse could happen but you just want their lives to be good. Glad you have a beautiful 21 year old, with a straight spine- imagine what we will be like with grandkids one day?!
Good to have followed your progress and see how well you have done. How clever with your photos and x-rays, good to celebrate your journey. Thanks for your kind offer, I am computer illiterate will have to ask my boys about it! We had a huge family gathering on the weekend for Dad's 90th and his cousins were most impressed with his scar. I think of it like a bravery award.
Dom is off to tennis tomorrow and the big news the other day was that he kicked a soccer ball and threw a basketball around at school. Now if I could just get the study happening!
Keep up your good progress
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