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Default Re: Countdown to surgery

Hi Annette

You have your hands super full with your boys and I love reading and feeling your optimism and love for them.It is really beautiful. And I bet they are beautiful too.

My son dropped in for a visit last night. He is now 21, living life independently and when I see him I still burst with the warm fuzzies. Ever since he was born kept an eye on his back. He has been fortunate to have a strong and straight body, but he was a bit worried when he was young that he would start twisting.

The x-rays are fabulous images. I made a thank you card to send out using three of mine plus one of my scar. It really freaks people out when they see me or come for a visit and ask what I had the op for and I show them! And yes they do show my boobs in a funny way, which was pointed out by a male friend. Typical! Maybe Dom could do something creative to keep as a document of his amazing feats...if you could get a jpeg of the x-ray and take it to a photo lab and make a poster for his wall...I made mine into a little folding accordion card. Wallet size. Happy to do something like that similar for him if you do have a jpeg of his x-ray. It would give me something to do while stuck at home. Being an artist I have all of the IT gadgetry and nice printers and papers.

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