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Default Re: Countdown to surgery

Hi All,
Another update. Had a great spinal checkup in the holidays, alignment is great and as there are definite signs of fusion 8 months post surgery Dom is allowed back to sport (no contact of course). Couldn't wipe the silly grins off our faces when we got home from Sydney and he went out and threw a ball around with his Dad and brother. The simple things in life! Not quite so happy that he is finally back to PE at school and it is dancing this term! You can't win them all.
Also saw the cardio thoracic surgeon in June and his information was much better. Surgery is booked for 1st December (in Sydney once again). he will have a "Nuss" procedure and because of the severity he will have two bars inserted in his chest. This surgery will be one year and two days since his spinal surgery. I am just in awe of his maturity and bravery with this decision. Must say that he was greatly reassured by the promise of very good pain management!!!
We will make the most of the days before then and he is starting back at tennis this week.
Our other sons curvature has been checked and it is only 23 degrees at this stage but in exactly the same spot as Dom's. Specialist suggests we see him in a years time at Dom's next checkup. We are still awaiting genetics appointment.
PS Dom had one of those new whole body x-rays (embarassing for him as they show the "boy bits) but how amazing are they? Would have been great before his surgery to show a real picture of the scoliosis
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