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Smile Re: help in melbourne please

Hi Sue,
Glad to hear your daughter is doing so well. My daughter had her surgery in March. She is also progressing well and has been back at school full time since beginning of term 2, but also with the occasional time off if she is tired. Cate is still on medication for a damaged nerve caused by one of the screws. The surgeon said it will heal by itself but does not know how long, but even in the last couple of days she thinks it is starting to feel a lot better. I hope so as I don't like her being on this medication for too long. Her ribs have grown back after the resection (amazing that they can grow back). Her spine is straight, no hump and her lumbar curve has derotated. She started back at dancing slowly and on the weekend has started back doing some pointe work. We will be seeing the surgeon again in Sept for a check up and xray. Hopefully the nerve will be better so we can avoid having a CT scan.

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