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Default Re: help in melbourne please

Hi Annette,

you're not the only one being slack, its been months since I've had a chance to pop in here. All is well at our end, everything was fine at the last check up and surgeon quite happy with progress, the lower curve is improving too. I did ask how the fusions were progressing and if they could point them out to me. Dr replied, we can't really we just assume its fusing??? Is this normal? Did I misunderstand? Honestly I have total faith in our surgeon but that reply has put huge question marks in my head. On the upside dd is progressing well, back at school full time all of last term with the occasional day off when she was too tired, no phys ed which suits her as she is very lazy and no exercise even though the dr said 20 min daily walks. She is fairly mobile now and I no longer freak out about her being bumped in a crowd ( the football was scary early on in the season ) We are carlton supporters and our team always gets large crowds, We surrounded her like bodyguards all the way to our seats and now she walks along quite freely. We have another appointment in sep and I will update then.

As for me, I think I'm ok, been so busy lately haven't really had time to think much, but I am soo thankful that the surgery is over and pray that she won't need one for the lower curve. I think I have it pretty easy compared to you and many other parents here with more severe situations. Hope you're well too and good luck with your young men.

regards Sue
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