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Default Re: help in melbourne please

Hi all,
We had the six week check up last week, it was week 7, anyway all is well. healing nicely with no major issues at this stage. Surgeon did mention that she should still only be sitting up for 45 mins max and then should lie down or stand up for a while, so we are definately doing too much too soon considering dd had 4 full days at school last week and when I said tell her please doctor, the reply was " īt's mums job to nag " so she wasnt to concerned. no special exercises or physio required apparantly, I don't agree with this, but we need to be building up to 20 min brisk walking daily for core strength. Oh and the bone grafts take 3 months to heal so we have another check up in 6 weeks.

Annette how is Dom going and how are you? You have so much going on with other other kids too. I really feel for you. In reply to your remark about the school, I actually discovered that some of her teachers had no idea about the surgery etc, so I had to go and explain it all, you'd think the co-ordinator would have mentioned it at a staff meeting. They are giving her plenty of time to catch up so thats good and she's not attenting p.e. classes so she will get a n/a for that subject.

Georgia thanks for your email and advice, wow about having to evacuate the hospital, how did you manage in your condition? We have no problems with the stairs, she is up and down quite easily and even skipping steps going up!! As a parent my advice to you is to take it easy, I keep telling my daughter to enjoy the time and milk peoples attention and sympathy but she is still forging ahead and always trying to be self sufficient. Not a good idea, you should always let people help you, enjoy the moment, it doesnt last very long. Wishing you a speedy and uneventful recovery.

Cheers Sue
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