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Talking 7 years post-op :)

Hi everyone!

I think I posted about being a few years post-op in the past, but, I'm now 7 years post-op and wow how time flies.

Similarly to another post in this thread, I'm happy to answer any questions and even provide contact details if it can help anyone in their decisions for surgery etc.

My curve was an 'S' curve - thoracic, unsure of degrees, think around 50-60 at age 13, and bad enough to be operated on within a few months of seeing the surgeon.

First surgeon I saw was just horrible... Didn't really give two hoots in regards to answering questions as my parents freaked out and he just offered bracing as a solution plain and simple.

I tried it for a short time but couldn't do it. It was way too painful and distressing at the time.

Anyway, I found another surgeon which was awesome - both were in Sydney and I went with the second surgeon without any problems. I did need a blood transfusion after surgery though. But the actual surgeon was excellent and his team too.

Today the only thing I need to work on id say is my cardiovascular health. I can't seem to breathe in much air so I avoid cardio and do weights and Pilates. I also ride a motorbike which my parents were worried about because of my back if I had an accident but I think my life is normal and risk is the same as everyone else's. During exercise there are only some 'adjustments' - I can't do much rotational work in yoga or Pilates and I avoid certain exercises with weights. I also think I slouch a little and need to pull my shoulders back :P

Otherwise, everything is good so far!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments, I'm keen to hear from anybody and wish you guys all the best.
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