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Default Re: Countdown to surgery

I Have just become a member today.....Thank you for your entry as it was exactly what I wanted to know aswell... My 13 year old daughter had her first spinal clinic appointment 5mths ago and they recorded two curves at 25 and 45 degrees, last friday her second appointment showed the deteriation is now at three curves 30,62 and 60 degrees....we are preparing for surger next year where she will have a large section of her spine fused, but first require an assessment from her cardiology team and a MRI etc....the waiting time and the unknown and trying to work out what we need to be prepared is mentally exhausting and scarey. She starts high school next year so there are also all the additional unknowns concerning what to tell the school and what will be required there to support her.
I look forward to hearing from you and how your journey has come along- and any hints you can now forward on to us that will help in preparing for the surgery and the recovery and also schooling. !
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