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Default Re: Countdown to surgery

Hi Gavman, Jen, Anne, Rodverta & Ferris,
Excuse the joint reply but the days are disappearing and I seem to be losing hours. Thanks for all the suggestions and good wishes it certainly does help and there are things I just wouldn't have thought of. Hard when you are a couple of hours away from home as you can't just duck back for something.
Dominic is pretty nervous but we are all staying positive. Action packed days with exams (he thought that sucked them being on the week before he went in!), family catch ups, tennis etc. My husband wanted to cancel tennis in case he hurt himself but I am more worried about the sore throat his brother has, told him we loved him but to keep his distance!
Jen, I liked the idea of keeping fit, does mowing half the neighbourhood lawns but eating chocolate count? "Mr Cadbury" and I have become great friends with stress taking its toll! Keeping busy to try and avoid the "demons".
Sure we will look back on this and wonder what all the fuss was about. Thanks again and we will keep in touch.
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