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Default Re: Countdown to surgery

Hi Annette, hope all is well in the lead-up to Doms surgery. I can't recall what levels he is being fused, but he may require a toilet seat raiser, a grabbing tool.......check with the physios and see what they recommend to make his recovery a little easier. It's hard to say what he might need in hospital. I took along a book with me, however, in between my walks, visitors etc, i got so tired that i just slept. I had a TV in my room and I didn't even watch it once! I was soooo happy that i was able to walk without pain, that I spent every waking moment walking as much as i could. If his appetite is a little lousy after surgery (when he gets home) try some healthy shakes. A lot of rest and sleep is also great for healing. If i think of anything else will post more later.
Take care and best wishes to you, Dom and your family.
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