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Default Countdown to surgery

Oh boy, two weeks today and Dominic will be in hospital awaiting surgery on the Monday. The motel is booked for the rest of the family, finance organized and I have made contact with the hospital social worker (why don't our kids have some sort of support?!) We are being really positive but it is getting a bit too real now. Dom is talking about it a lot more and getting pretty worried. We let him talk and then get on with life. He has some great mates who have organized a few outings which is so nice. I am working every hour there is then cleaning out cupboards etc... because they need doing but too much time to think is dangerous.
I know he will be okay and we will look back soon and wonder what all the fuss was about but the buildup is hell isn't it? So some tips please... I have been told to take lots of pillows for the trip home anything else you found helpful in hospital and afterwards would be great.
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