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Default Re: My rods are broken!!!! 1 Year post op

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing amazingly well. I saw my Surgeon last week for my 1 year post -op review. He said I had a marvellous posture and looked like I was so doing so well. I advised him that I was working as a Pathology Collector in the mornings to allow me to move around more on my feet. He felt that was a good move. I still work as a Medical Receptionist in the afternoon but at least I am not tied down to a desk all day. We took a look at the xrays and the level of the fracture is now well healed. He told me that he put a lot of crushed bone in there to make sure that it would heal correctly. I told him that I still get some nigglys on the right hand side of where the fracture was but only if I overdo it. He said that it is probably the muscle in that area and that should be non existent as time moves on. All in all, I am happy with the outcome. I filled out his research forms, we hugged as he wished me well for the future and told me to touch base if I needed to. I left feeling on top of the world!

Hope everyone is recovering nicely! To those awaiting surgery, I hope you are not in any pain. Take care for now. XX
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