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Hi All, hope everyone is well. In the last week I have had three people tell me they were home for a couple of days due to the flu.

I saw my Surgeon (ALIAS - Miracle Worker) yesterday for post op review. He thought I was doing amazingly well (so do I). He had a little bucket for me, which I will post on here in the next couple of days hopefully - I thought it was a bucket of M & Ms for being an extra good patient but then I heard the rattle of hardware. Morbid as it sounds, I was extremely excited to be re-united with my hardware. I thought I would never see it again. You see, I forgot to ask them in theatre before the operation to keep it and then after the op, I think the drugs clouded my mind to even remember about the hardware. When I got home from hospital, I thought about how I would loved to have seen it but forgot about it again as I have a lot going on at the moment.

Jen, I asked about the blood test and Dr informed me that they were looking for an infection of some type. I think he was talking about that deep infection you often hear about on the other forum.

When I post my before and after No.1 and before and after No. 2. I will be able to better explain the procedure he did and why. Its a little hard to explain if you dont have photos to follow. He said I can go back to most things as "you are doing extremely well". I asked him if I could travel and he said yes. He already knew that I had stopped my pain meds in the second week home as I had called his office to see whether I could drive (it was urgent) and I needed to be off the narcs before he would allow it. All in all, fingers crossed, I think I am on the road to a very successful recovery once again.

This time around, Dr asked if I was happy to fill in some forms for him as he is conducting some research. He explained that this would entail me filling out research forms for about a year at intervals during my recovery . I was happy to help.

That is all for now - just need to upload the pics now.
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