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This is a little strange for me, the first forum I've ever joined. It's strange to write something not knowing if anyone will actually read it..

My beautiful little 6yo girl has just been diagnosed with scoliosis measuring 34. We've just had a MRI (sedated) which has put our minds at ease that she's clear from all the scary stuff that can cause a scoliosis. The next step is to visit the Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon to discuss bracing, this will happen next week.

By joining this forum I was hoping to connect with parents in a similar circumstance to get some advice on explaining this all to my little girl. (I know we're going to have such difficulties getting her used to her brace, she's so extremely strong minded.) How to go about telling all her friends and class (Grade 1s!) and if there's something specific I should be asking her teachers/school to be watching out for. Obviously, like any parent, I have huge concerns for her regarding bullying and how this will effect her self esteem. She's always been an introvert and since starting school last year she has gained such confidence, it'd break my heart to see her need for a brace to crush that.

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