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Default Re: Anyone else done the UK ScoliosisGold course?

I cannot more expressingly communicate the positive experience, physical benefits, educational knowledge and life improvement that attending Scoliosis SOS in London, using the ScolioGold method, has given me.

See website:

Read Erika Maude's inspirational story:

Read about the history of Scroth method:

See medical proof that non-surgical method works:

The program run by the well-educated physiotherapists at Scoliosis SOS is remarkable. I was already living in London so the travel wasn't an issue for me, but I would say that it is worth every dollar: giving you life-long education and techniques that will enable you to take control of your scoliosis and maintain, if not improve, your curves for life.

Highly recommend to all. Do not go to surgery as a first point of call. Do not listen to any doctor or surgeon who tells you that life-threatening surgery is the only way.

good luck.
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