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Hi everyone

I have only found the Meet and Greet thread and after quite a while on the forum I thought I should put my bit up.

Hobart is home and I am almost 49.

My surgery happened in Melbourne recently on June 6 and I am now almost 4 weeks post op. I was fused (posterior) T4 to L1. My pre-op curve was around 46T 30L and I have a follow up in two months to see how it all went.

I had a fairly noticeable and painful rib hump and prominent shoulder blade on my right side, which appeared to be gone when I was in hospital, but over the past week or so it seems to have reappeared, especially my pesky pointy shoulder blade. I am hoping that is either part of the healing process, or it can be fixed in another procedure. I am back to lots of discomfort while on my back sleeping ( as if it wasn't hard enough anyway!!!!) and sitting.

My scar is super sensitive, especially near the lowest cross-bar (what is the name of those things?).

Other than that I think things are going as expected. Slow!

Christine xxx
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