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Default Re: Looking for advice

Hi Bren - welcome to our world! I am 2 years post op and also had an impressive 80 degree upper curve, and 64 lower, and am fused T2 to L2 posterior fusion (at 50). No regrets, except not having done it sooner! I did not get a magnificent correction but what I did get gave me stability and my waist back. Of course the first few months were not pleasant but saying that, I was able to do much more than I thought I would. As for driving, I got back into it after 6 weeks. The drugs initially made me rather sick but then were changed and it was ok. I experienced a bit of dependency after 6 months but that was easily sorted with gradual reduction in dose. I still have some discomfort between my shoulders, like a burning/stinging sensation, and am sometimes reminded of my limitations when I do too much. Other than that all is good. I think I had a fairly smooth ride with just a few bumps. Sleep is initially an issue as you are limited with position. I am interested to hear what the Scroth physio comes up with. Heather
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