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Default Re: Pain is getting worse!

So sorry to hear that you are in pain. Although you state you have lower back pain, may I ask, is it a sciatica type pain, does it run down your hips, in the front of your leg or the back. Did the surgeon recommend spinal injections for your pain? If you are a candidate for these, they could help you for a while. The other thing I tried was a heat treatment called Formstar (its great for weightloss too!). This machine was initially for muscularskeletal therapy purposes and then they found out during trials that people also lose weight. Also, depending on the nature on the backpain, you could undergo a back strengthening gym programme before you go away. You did not say whether the surgeon you saw specialised in Spinal deformities in cluding Scoliosis.

Regrding the pain meds, previous to this current op, I was taking two Panadol Osteo and 2 Nurofen Zavance at the same time. This seemed to help immensely. Then 2 weeks before surgery, my GP recommended 2 panadol osteo and 1 endone. After coming off the Fentanyl post op last week, the 2 osteo and 1 endone twice daily is all I need for recovery. Check with your GP if this is an option for you. Best wishes, RB
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