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Default Intro and Question re Sports after surgery?

Hi from NZ, I don't believe we have a forum like this here so I hope you don't mind me hopping the ditch for a bit of support for my 13yr old daughter.

I noticed slight curvature in her spine just before Christmas and took her Osteopath as soon as the office opened in early Jan. X-rays revealed 2 curves in their 30s and he referred us to a orthopaedic surgeon specialising in Adolescent scoliosis 2 weeks later. She is a competitive swimmer and I have been watchful for scoliosis due to another teen swimmer having it so I was alarmed at how rapidly her back was curving.

Within 4 weeks the curves were 56 Thorasic and 45 Lumbar and a new smaller curve starting at her neck. With the rapid onset, surgery has become a priority and in less than 3 weeks she will be having T2 - L4 fused.
Thank goodness I kept medical insurance as the public wait is seemingly neverending, and private is certainly beyond our financial means. Even with insurance there is a shortfall of $10k.

Question is with regards to sports, those who have had surgery ... have you been able to return to normal sports. And particularly would love to hear from anyone who swims, or competes in swimming sports. There is certainly question over whether she will be able to tumbleturn. Love to hear from you.
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