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Default hi - after some info/support

Hi All,
I have a 17month old girl who has a curved spine I not sure of the deg as I wasnt told just got told it was mild and it will be checked in the next 6 months.
It was brought to my attention she had an issue as she consistantly had hunched shoulder( also painful to touch) at one stage she wouldnt bring them down from her ears it took 6 weeks to actually see someone and the person I saw was useless and freaked me out, that is was something much more then i expected. I was assuming id have a few exercises to do and see how it went but instead it was a mess thinking my daughter had a more serious problem. so a couple of weeks later I saw an Osteo who said she had a curved spine.
My daughter seems to have a lot of difficulties when moving out of the sitting position and cannot sit up straight or straighten her legs infront when sitting. She has little balance some days and is constantly hurting herself. but is other wise happy
I would like to hear about others experiences???
did anythink help there child maintain /improve etc
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