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Smile Laurens op 2 weeks today!

Hello All,
We bought Lauren's nighties from Best and Less, which are like long tshirts as you suggested. The dresses we got for when she comes home (usually a tshirt & shorts kinda girl) just go over the head - no zips up the back etc.
The satin pillow case or the like sounded a good idea. I wondered about the trip home in the car and how awkward it will be.
Is it just the drip for the first few days, or are you able to eat?
Lauren is a very slim girl, not weighing a great deal, so I guess she will probably loose some weight in hospital which would be a shame. I've been trying to encourage eating up big to fatten her up before the surgery, but she just isn't a big eater.
Thanks for all the tips you are giving us 'Rodverta'.

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