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Originally Posted by kaitlins mum View Post
sorry i also wanted to say getting home from hospital, we drove about 1.5 hrs home and the hospital helped us with how to seat Kaitlin. From memory it was fairly reclining in the front seat with pillows. It was almost as scary as driving home with a newborn. Same thing with the first few days at home. Her pain in hospital wasn't the best but monitored very closely and she was off all the heavy duty painkillers after about 8 days. I think it can be quite scary for them wondering will they ever feel normal again, and the answer is definitely yes
Hi Melinda,
Thanks for the reply. Funny about that drive home from hospital, I can still remember the newborn one and the snails pace my husband set! Good to hear Kaitlin has done well. Dominic and I are starting to realize that the "couple of weeks off school" will not be a holiday! How long was Kaitlin off for? Good too to hear the scaring has healed well. I know it is stupid but I keep looking at my beautiful boy and worrying about things like that. We aren't vain but I hate the thought for him. I think once I know when he is going in I will bombard you all with questions.
Thanks again Annette
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