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Default Re: New and overwhelmed

Originally Posted by Rodverta Braefusion View Post
Hi Doms Mum, Whereabouts do you live. I know that depending on surgery done and how far you live, they sometimes prefer you to go home in an ambulance. I live in Radelaide! The hospital i was in is about 15-20 minutes from home, so i was allowed home in our car, propped up with pillows of course. Have a greeat day!
Hi Rodverta,
Bet that was a long trip home just that distance. We live in Newcastle and the surgery will be in Sydney, so will be away from our family (including our older son the longest I have ever left him because I am a pathetic mother) and elderly parents. That will all be challenging in itself but I know lots of you will have coped with things like that. It is funny when you are waiting though and you really don't know what you are coping with. This week we have the opthamologist and next week the cardiologist so at least we are doing something even though it is all a bit scary.
Hope you are doing well
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