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Default Re: New and overwhelmed

Originally Posted by katherineP View Post
hi doms mum,
i had my surgery 4 weeks ago so im still in recovery mode. its been slow but okay. ive gained alot of information from others on this forum so if you have any questions please ask away.dont regret doing my surgery and im looking forward to my future pain free (at least less pain) and more confident as ive told others this is the new me !!!!!!
Hi Katherine,
Thanks for replying. Good to talk to someone so close from surgery (if you know what I mean). Glad you are doing okay and looking forward to a wonderful future. Can I ask how old you are? Have you had much support from friends outside? I know Dominic's friends are pretty laid back about it, but thinking that is mainly a boy thing or not having been through it themselves. A couple of the Mums are good friends so I thought I would talk to them to get some support for him after surgery. Keep looking after yourself and look forward to talking more. I thought I will involve Dominic once we know where we are heading.
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