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Default Re: What do Mum's do?

My daughter did not do any school work at all for the first three weeks. Although she wasn't sleeping during the day, she spent the vast majority of her time in bed watching DVDs. She did a little bit, perhaps an hour a day, in the fourth week. Then it was school holidays and there was no way she was doing school work then! Like I said earlier, she's only in Year 8, so not a really important year compared to some. She's had no issues with being behind since returning to school.
The privacy thing was not an issue for us. She's always been quite open in that respect. I did have to wash her hair for her the first few times she showered but she was ok with that. Having said that, they get back to being able to do things for themselves pretty fast.
Try not to stress too much in the lead up. I said I wish I had known how well everything was going to go beforehand as it would have saved me a lot of worry! Three months and three days post surgery on Sunday just gone, my daughter ran a 12km fun run. So they really do get back on track pretty fast.
Take care.
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