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Default Low back pain 25 years post surgery and which vertebrae would be fused ?

Hi All
This is my first time posting. I had rods put in at 14 years of age, 26 years ago. I've never had any back pain until now. I've had 3 episodes of acute low back pain in the past 10 months. I have CD rods and some lumbar fusion. My question is whether to try acupuncture or whether to go with physio or massage. I have tried P.Forte and Nurofen Plus which make me a zombie. I'm trying heat packs too. I'm currently on Day 10 of back pain.
The physio I have seen once, said that I have a ducks bum, penguin feet and knocked knees as the muscles have always been tight around my spine due to the presence of a 'foreign body' and that they need loosening and that my pelvis tilts forward. Has anyone any thoughts on all of this ?? And also, do surgeons generally fuse all the vertebrae under the rods as well as some of the lumbar spine ?
Thanks for any info.
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