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Default Re: Is Scoliosis muscular?

It is like a pain-trade (having surgery) and the pain I had before surgery was far worse (I had a horrid, painful hump), along with the depression/emotional distress that goes with being physically deformed

I'd do it all over again and wish I'd had it done when I was in my teens.

My sister has little pain, if any. She started working out and running as soon as she recovered from her surgery as a teen and has done so for 35 years. Her muscle strength is at an athletic level which keeps her pain free. I've just started at the gym again and already I'm less sore. I think that I was in my late 40s when I had my surgery made for a less-speedy recovery.

The few other people I know who have scoliosis (with or without surgery) have pain on some level, but they are all in their 40s onwards. Everything starts to hurt then!

So yes, core exercise and weight control is paramount. Applying Alexander techniques are good too.
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