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Default Re: What can a parent expect?

Thanks so much all of you.
We're still waiting for a surgery date but he has an MRI and bending x-rays over the next couple of weeks and then back to the specialist.
We sound very similar Liz you're right!
My son also has a 15 minute walk to and from train stations for school - how we're going to tackle that when he does eventually get back to school I have no idea.
I'm a school teacher and have warned my Principal that I'll be needing time off but at this point have no idea how long it's going to be. Luckily my husband has more flexibility than I do so between us we'll manage somehow.
It amazes me how strong and positive my son is being - he is also very keen to have the surgery which definitely makes the whole thing easier to deal with.
Anyway thanks all .... you'll definitely be hearing from me again!
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