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Default Re: Countdown to surgery

Hi Everyone,
Sorry been meaning to catchup but the days just disappear. Dom is doing really well thanks, amazing how resilient these kids are. Will backtrack a bit as not sure where we were. Surgery only took five hours instead of expected 6-8 (what a relief). No accurate measurements yet but curve has gone from 62+degrees to about 15, he has grown from 170 to 175cms (I have to stretch to dry his hair). He had a few really bad days in hospital and didn't manage a shower until day 6 with central line coming out the same day. Nausea and low blood pressure held him back until then, also had a really sore knee (we later found out was because of the muscles stretched when straightening him). Walked without a frame that day too and hasn't looked back. Sitting was a bit harder but managing that well now too -motivation being able to play computer games with his brother! Day 10 saw us coming home, he took morphine for two and half hour car trip home at my insistence, great trip home and has only had panadol since and that rarely.
Now managing to get himself in and out of bed (dizzy at times when he forgets he can't do things the same), toilet and chairs. I am just drying his back and helping him on with pants (a lot for a 15 year old boy to cope with his mum doing). Have made physio appointment for Wednesday for them to check what he is doing and give some hints on best ways (hospital were hopeless). He looks so beautiful and straight, it is like he is now in the right body (if you ignore his chest!). I am so proud of him and how he has coped, as sick as he was there was only one day where we had to ask him to talk and at least move his arms. Every other day he was so positive and isn't it the greatest gift when you get their first real smile?
Has had a great time catching up with friends since he got home and eating junk to make up for the 3.5kgs he lost in hospital.
Hope everyone is doing well and has a peaceful, happy Christmas
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