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Default Re: Your valued opinion please

Thanks Dr S,

After thinking things through, Leash has decided to proceed. I'm scared! How many revision surgeries on young adolescents do you think are performed in Australia on average??? In the states they have special revision surgeons. How is this addressed here in Australia with such a small population? I didn't even want to ask our surgeon how many of these he had performed previously - I didn't want to hear if the answer was zero! Dumb question but here goes.... when the bone is fused, would it attach itself to or around the instrumentation?? If so, is this just chipped away when removing rods? Leash will have her previous rods removed and new ones inserted to extend down into the lumbar.

I hate asking questions like this of surgeons to "explain the process", I've asked so many of ours over the years, I'm sure he's considering inviting me to sit in on one to get me off his back!!!! But it's just to alleviate the fear monster that's attacking my brain.