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Default Your valued opinion please

Hi Dr S,

Help! Ahhhh!!! As I've mentioned on the forum here, our 15 year old is due for revision surgery on the 30th November. She was fused T5 - L1 at age 13, Risser 0 and now has some crankshafting and rotation occuring again through her Thoracic and now a curvature occuring in her lumbar. A tilted L2 vertebrae!

Our 15 year old has been suffering from depression regarding the upcoming surgery, having already been through this once. Her back pain that she was having has now diminished somewhat due to her sports season concluding! She now is refusing to have this surgery stating "I will have it when I finish year 12"

Whilst it's ultimately her decision, I'm worried on a number of accounts, firstly that she's against this surgery for all the wrong reasons, ie, interferring with summer holiday plans, being very self conscious of her privacy, the scary thought of "I know EXACTLY what I'm in for this time"

Since she has now completed her growing and is now at Risser 5 - do you think that delaying this surgery for another few years will alter the outcome? By that I mean, our surgeon has said it's a relatively easy surgery to do now, being so young. I'm worried that waiting 2 more years for this, her curve will worsen and the surgeon have to go lower than L3. It's not really a curve, we were told that it's a "tilt" of the L2 vertebrae and that it was unrelated to the crankshafting happening in the thoracic.

By all accounts the crankshafting shouldn't get worse since she's stopped growing. The back pain should be kept at bay IF she avoids strenuous contact sports. I know it's difficult for you to give opinions without seeing x-rays etc but I thought it worth posting this for your opinion.

Thanking you in advance