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Default Re: 39 degree scoliosis

Originally Posted by rosie View Post
SO you had surgery at what age? This story is me to a TEE. I am 46 and my pain is now increasing driving me nuts...have a 40 degree curve with a twist. I am thin and cant carry weight on my abdo as it inpacks on my back so much
Is your question to me Rosie? If so, I had my surgery at almost 58, and I'm 18 months post-op now.

My curve was progressing faster and faster, have no idea what it was in my 40s, but possibly about the same as yours. It was 68 degrees at time of surgery. I also had rotation. I regained 2 inches in height and though I didn't lose a gram in weight, I looked like I'd lost some because I was stretched out. Not only did it fix my scoli, but it gave me a makeover as well.

I only cared about stopping the pain, so it was a bonus.
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