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Hi Beth,

Welcome! I'm just on 8 weeks post surgery, T6-L2, also in Melbourne.
I had approx 68 degree curve prior to surgery and handing out till the 12 week mark to see what it is now.

There is heaps and heaps of information on here regarding advise and peoples experiences with surgery that was very informative in the lead up to my surgery. I do think that the surgery performed now allows for a quicker recovery that those who had surgery a number of years ago. I found that I had prepared myself for much worse. For example, not having to go to ICU after the op and going straight to a ward, wearing a brace being optional rather than mandatory for 12 weeks post surgery and being able to drive from 6 weeks post surgery.

If you haven't already, start building up those leg muscles with squats and lunges if you can - it will help your recovery

I got an electronic version of David Wolpert's book from Amazon Kindle on my iphone.

I have sent you a PM as well

Feel free to ask any questions.. Happy to help

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