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Default Re: Osteopenia in fused spine

Dear Dr.Scoliosis

Thank you so much for your prompt respond to my query. I am most grateful. I would wish to pose this query to the orthopaedic surgeon who successfully performed the spinal fusion surgery but regrettably this is not possible.

It is reassuring to hear that from your extensive experience you have not seen an osteoporotic fracture within the area of the spine successfully fused for scoliosis. To my knowledge spinal fusions with Harrington instrumentation for the treatment of scoliosis in Australia began in the early 1960s. I would assume that any presentation of osteoporotic problems among patients who had spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis would be a relatively recent phenomenon?

I have little understanding of how fusion has altered the thoracic vertebrae apart from making them into a solid and rigid structure. Could this rigid structure be at risk of weakening if the bone density of these vertebrae has decreased? I understand that in general osteopenia or osteoporosis leads to an increased risk of fracture but does not in itself mean a fracture will occur. If possible I would wish to take whatever available preventative measures to avoid any fracture which may affect the fusion.

I look forward to receiving more information once you have made your enquiries.

Once again my grateful thanks to you for taking an interest in this matter.


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