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Hi RB,

The break in the rod is just below my new fusion at L4-L5. It is close to a join or whatever it is, where the screws then go into the spine. I actually feel like there may have been more break(s) at the moment, or else I am extremely paranoid, as the pain and discomfort has changed/increased. I find that laying on my side is causing the most pain in the SIJ and down the outside of my legs, and therefore end up attempting to sleep flat on my back which just doesn't feel right as I haven't slept on my back for eternity! I get some sleep only when I take a sleeping tablet, and I really don't want to be too dependent on that, but you have to do what you have to do I suppose! The surgeon seems to be adopting the wait and see approach, but I am getting another opinion, but can't see the surgeon till the end of May! It's going to be the longest wait for me. I am very scared where this is heading.
Cheers, Kelly
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