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Default Re: Surgery Nerves - any help is appreciated!

Wow Tracy, these are things I never thought of! Thank you so much. I think it would be wise to invest in a neck pillow. As for pyjamas, I have got Peter Alexander ones that a short sleeved for the summer and are buttoned down! I will definitely be asking to be boarded first and leave last. I think I am a bit worried about being pushed and shoved and it is not something I care to do if I can avoid it! I am definitely going to try to motivate myself to reach their criteria so I can go home as fast as I can. I am very persistent and I don't like to give up if I am almost there. I don't know if I will have a choice in hospital especially if I am weak and dizzy but I will definitely try!

Glad to see you checked out my blog! I am a bit busy with assessment right now to bother updating it but the less time I think about scoliosis right now, the better!
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