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22-04-2010, 11:40 PM
Hi there,

my name is nita.my sister got diagnosed with scoliosis just a year ago and the doctor recommended her to wear a brace.as a 15 yr old girl, i believed no one wants to wear them because of the down side such as bullied etc.And so she is not compliant in wearing them.Now that her cobb angle turns 40 degrees in the thoracolumbar area,the doc suggested to have the surgery done.

Now my questions are:
1.is there anyway to avoid the surgery by taking chiroprac treatment?
2.considering her age,will the angle worsen as the time passed if bracing is still in place?
3.from the age point of view, is it possible to manipulate the bone through this chiroprac session as the bone has not grow into a mature one?

ohh 1 more thing, i know this is probably not related to the topic but why is x-ray examination need to be carried out as minimal as possible? does it actually give a down side towards the disease?

Thanks for answering my questions


Dr Scoliosis
30-04-2010, 10:40 AM

It is always difficult to answer questions such as you have posed without taking a history from the patient, performing an examination and reviewing the x-rays. Hence, the information provided is in general terms only. The questions you have asked should also be directed to the doctor who is looking after your sister. It is useful to write the questions down so that when the consultation occurs you will not forget one important question out of the series.

Now to the general comments. There is no evidence published in front-line, peer-reviewed medical journals that chiropractic adjustments will either correct the common form of scoliosis (adolescent idiopathic scoliosis) or prevent its progression.

While 40 degrees is the angle at which surgery is sometimes considered, a lot depends upon the nature of the curve and its location in the spine. It also is relevant if she is out of balance, that is, her trunk is moved to one side or the other.

I am not quite sure what you mean under point 3 in your post so I will have to leave that question.

X-rays are always kept to a minimum irrespective of the region of the body being examined. It is known that too much radiation can lead to some forms of cancer but the amount of radiation received in the usual course of treatment for a girl with scoliosis is within acceptable bounds of safety. Of course, having an x-ray in no way influences the curve itself.

I trust this information is helpful