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23-02-2016, 08:56 PM
Hello all,
My son was diagnosed with scoliosis at the beginning of last year. He has a thoracic curve of approximately 38degrees. Last year it was 36 degrees but it has increased slightly. Our specialist has advised observation for now and my DS has been wearing a TSLO brace for 9 months. He has just turned 15. To be honest he's a trooper. He wanted to give the brace a go and has been very diligent in wearing it 23 hours a day even in our tropical QLD summer! :eek:

I've read through some of the posts on the forum and it's great that people share their experiences and support. We have another specialist appointment coming up this week so we will see what's happening and no doubt his brace will need to be adjusted as the straps have stretched considerably. DS seems to be losing a bit of weight no doubt from the perspiration!

I'm looking forward to reading more of your experiences. It's good to know people that have been through treatment and have supported their children through the process!!! The possibility of my son having spinal surgery is particularly daunting.:(However we will cross that bridge if and when it is recommended.