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17-10-2015, 02:23 PM
Hi, have started reading about VBT being performed in US , discussed as being the future of spinal surgery for AIS , particularly for those with more spinal growth to come - does anyone offer this technique in Australia yet or in the near future? Many thanks:)

Dr Scoliosis
19-10-2015, 06:26 PM
Thank you for your enquiry.

Vertebral body tethering is a new surgical procedure which has not yet gone through a complete process of evaluation. What this procedure offers is the possibility of getting the spine to grow straighter over time. It is a surgical procedure with some of the same risks associated with definitive spine fusion surgery. It is only appropriate in situations in which there are still at least several years of remaining growth in the spine, otherwise it cannot work. There are likely to be restrictions on how severe a curve can be before the tether and remaining growth are not capable of growing straight. This leaves a small number of patients for whom the procedure might be appropriate and for whom there may be alternative treatment such as bracing.

There are some centres in Australia that are working on the details of which patients this procedure could be considered for and to address some of the ethical considerations that are raised when new procedures are being considered.

19-10-2015, 07:41 PM
Thanks for that. I hope it proves to be as good as it sounds. I understand it's only going to be appropriate for some patients, have a nagging feeling my daughter currently might fall in to the target group but of course the window of opportunity will be closing ..... do you know of any of those centres I can contact for further info? I appreciate they may be years away from doing the surgery here but would hate to have missed anything, would set my mind at ease anyway!:rolleyes:
Thanks for quick and helpful reply earlier.