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14-08-2015, 11:14 PM
I hope you can help us. My partner has had Scoliosis from age ten. She walks a lot and takes care of it. Always been slim, 45k.
At age 56 it can take her hours to get to sleep and awakening has back and
hip pains which are getting worse. I have had a bad back from age 10 (65 now, 6 foot 2", no weight problems) and seen chiropractors on average once each year to fix my back. But have no scoliosis. My right hip pains me at night and cannot sleep on that side. Due mainly I would think from being a professional drummer and using the bass drum pedal thousands of times every week for the last 50 years.
My Question; We need to buy a new mattress and I would assume a matching base also, to get the best benefits. Cost is important but not if it diminishes the results of less pain. Especially for my partner. Some say latex and soft. Others say a harder mattress ? I do not know.
Can you please give us your thoughts on the matter. Ian

Dr Scoliosis
16-08-2015, 12:08 PM
Thank you for your question. There are many opinions about beds and back pain. There is little in the scientific literature about the best type of bed.

Consequently, like many things, the decision as to the best type of mattress comes down to common sense and trying out what suits. In general, a firmer mattress is preferable.

Some beds come with adjustable bases, which have slats that can be changed to alter the stiffness (and one side of the bed can be made softer/harder, depending on your partnerís preference.)

I would recommend seeking advice at a specialist bedding store to see what options there are.

Dr Scoliosis