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12-09-2014, 06:13 AM

We know artificial disc surgery can be successfully placed beneath long, stable Scoliosis fusions for treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease because it's been done in Europe.

What is happening with this in Australia? Are any surgical treatments OTHER then fusion to the sacrum being offered to patients with DDD beneath their fusions? There are many people who, like me, wish to avoid further fusion.

Also, have spacers such as the Peek or the X Stop been offered to these patients? What is the difference, in terms of the spine still being able to bend, between an ADR and a spacer?

Thank you.

Dr Scoliosis
18-09-2014, 11:33 AM
Thank you for your question. Degenerative disc disease (DDD) below long spinal fusions can be a significant problem, particularly if the fusion extends to L4. Traditionally, the surgical treatment, after non operative options have been exhausted, is to extend the fusion to the pelvis and/or sacrum.

Lumbar intervertebral disc replacements have been used for localised disc disease for over 10 years. Results are reasonable in the well selected patient. Concerns remain on long term results.

Disc replacement after scoliosis surgery has been reported in Europe in a single case report. Follow up was 1 year. On that basis, it is too early to say that it is successful. Regarding X stop, it is not in common use in Australia and I have no data on its efficacy in DDD after scoliosis surgery.

Dr Scoliosis

08-07-2015, 04:04 PM

Just wanted to report that Artificial Disc Replacement below long Scoliosis fusions is an actual alternative to fusion to the sacrum if you ONLY have disc degeneration and do NOT have facet disease. In my case I also have level 3 facet disease so I was not a candidate.

It has actually been done several times in Europe, in England and Germany specifically and at least twice in the USA. The question is how long it will last beneath a Scoliosis fusion. I do know one patient that it lasted 17 years in before she had to get fused to the sacrum.